Mike Gurnell Fine Art Nature Photographer

When Words Fail, Tell Your Story With Fine Art Photography

GURNELL IMAGES produces high quality Fine Art photographic Prints for Health Care Facilities, Corporate Spaces, and Private Collections. Pictures are provided as stress reducing images for Hospitals, Dental Offices, or any Patient Treatment Area. Back Lit Ceiling panels, and Wall Murals are also available. We strive to provide you with images with such realism that you feel as if you are there, or perhaps create the desire to visit these magnificent places.

  • Great Blue Heron

    A portrait of a Great Blue Heron in a bed of Water Lilies. The flowers in this Water Lily bed are on stems that measure over three feet in height.

  • Heron In Flight

    The flight of a Great Blue Heron silhouetted in the haze of early morning.

  • The Take Off

    Canadian Geese taxing for take off on Lake Monroe in Southern Indiana.

  • Last Chance

    A Great Blue Heron, lake side. Perhaps a last chance to fish before falling snow covers the lake, and food prospects retreat deeper into the lake.

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