Artist Statement - Gurnell Images

My passion for Nature Photography began while living in Idaho in the early seventies.  In 1997, I formalized my business, and in 2003 left Corporate America to pursue my long time interest in Scenic Landscape Photography.  It is my love of nature that takes me to wonderful places around this country and elsewhere.  I strive to provide you with images with such realism, that you feel a sense of being there, or perhaps they will create a desire to visit magnificent places. 

ARTIST STATEMENT    Nature Is the Master Artist

"It is a wonderful feeling to watch the earth live, to feel its senses, and to anticipate its moods.  

Every moment in time is a new beginning as the elements work their wonder interacting with each other to create constant change.  The camera allows me to freeze an instant in time, and share these special moments with others. 

There are times when I see such beauty, that I wish others could see through my eyes.

The power of nature has a calming, healing effect on the mind, heart and soul.

My ultimate desire is to share the vision.”  -  Micheal Gurnell

When words fail, tell the story with Fine Art Photography

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