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My fascination with nature developed during my childhood years as a Boy Scout. It gave insight into the development of one of my  greatest passions, nature photography.  My pursuit of photography began while attending college at Idaho State University.  Living in Idaho provided me with the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature in one of America's most breathtaking landscapes.  After receiving a degree in Parks and Facilities Management I had thoughts of becoming a Forest Ranger, however, my first job out of college was managing a shelter home for neglected and abused children in Blackfoot, Idaho.  The home was located on Riverton Road on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.  The Snake River traversed a short distance from the front of the property. 

The time that I spent patrolling with the Game Warden Division while in the Army fulfilled the dream of becoming a Forest Ranger.   I had the opportunity to patrol the Big Piney River and Forest of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Whether it was on horseback, by jeep, or gazing down from a helicopter, it was a great experience.  My career path after that took  me on a tour of corporate America; first with the United States Gypsum Company, and then with Cook Medical.  In 2003 I left corporate to fulfill my lifelong passion for photography.  The barren, cold treatment areas of some hospitals challenged me to provide a more pleasing, relaxing, and stress reducing environment for patients, and to provide for a more desirable work place. 

High quality Fine Art Prints are produced for Health Care Facilities, Corporate Spaces, Private Collections, and Hospitality.

GURNELL IMAGES consults with clients on how to use art in their facilities.  Depending on the spatial environment, specific needs can vary.  Example: In Dementia and Alzheimer's facilities art work helps to orient patients to their surroundings.  Displaying different themes for each corridor will assist the individual in identifying how to get back to their room.  The selection of art in this setting should stimulate the senses, and not have disturbing content.

Scenic Landscape Images are provided for Visual Healing Environments in Memory Care Facilities, Senior Residences, Surgery Centers, Medical Office Buildings, Physician and Dental Offices, Rehabilitation Centers, or any facility where art is being integrated into the overall design.  

Pictures are prominently displayed in many of the guest rooms and spaces of the French Lick Resort Properties, Lincoln Motor Company, Cook BioTech, Methodist Hospital, Architect Pete Dye, Cook Medical, Kemper CPA Group, State Farm Insurance, Cook Pharmica, Community Hospital Imaging North, Mezzetta Construction, McDonald's Restaurant, Altig Optical and many others.

Artist Statement:

"It is a wonderful feeling to watch the earth live, to feel its senses,  and to anticipate its moods.  Every moment in time is a new beginning as the elements work their wonder interacting with each other to create constant change.  With the camera, I can freeze an instant in time.  There are times when I see such beauty, I wish others could see through my eyes.  The power of vision has the ability to heal the soul, and soften the heart."                                       

                                            - Micheal R. Gurnell

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